Our Founder`s Dream

our-founders-dreamsSeasoned business entrepreneurs know that it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. That’s why visionaries like Jan Eisses stick to their knitting when building and living their dreams.

As a pioneer of automated lubrication systems in North America, Jan knew that the secret sauce to success was when “locals deal with locals”.  After watching, with dismay, customers across North America suffer from poor service support for automated lubrication systems, Jan realized he needed to get back into business to do it right.  He knew that the product that he brought to North America would last in value only if serviced the way it was intended.  That’s why Jan jumped back into the market to build the “great grease franchise”.

With a strong distributor network along with an efficient and cost effective strong supply chain focused on producing and delivering high performance products worldwide, Jan, Lubecore International, and its distributor network will be able to achieve that great big goal.

The power behind our promise, principles, people and product allows Lubecore and its distributors worldwide to achieve the world status of delivering next generation protection solutions.