Our History

our-historyLubecore™ International Inc.’s history is intertwined with the history of Jan Eisses, our founder and pioneer of automated lubrication systems in North America.

Lubecore’s genesis as a global leader in next generation protection solutions evolved out of over 22 years of market leadership dominance driven by the vision of Jan Eisses. His keen business sense coupled with an exacting eye for filling a market void brought automated lubrication systems to the market.

It all started with one vision, a first-class distribution and manufacturing operation, and a commitment to quality, innovation and customer value. This is the history of Lubecore™ International Inc.:

1988 Jan Eisses immigrates to Canada from The Netherlands with 10 Automated Lubrication Systems (ALS). Eisses registers his own company. Immediate focus: to penetrate the “over the road” transport truck and trailer market with EPO lubrication systems. Canadian transport market is introduced to ALS.

1989 Eisses sets up an exclusive distributor coast-to-coast network in Canada.  Customers serviced nationwide with ALS as their equipment moves across the country.

2001 After over 10 years building and managing his own organization, Jan Eisses sells majority ownership of the company while still managing the company.

2006 By 2006, as North American managing director, Jan Eisses expands into new markets and grows the business to $33 Million. 150 service points were added to the USA and Canadian markets.

2007 After substantial growth and a need to move on, Jan leaves the company to consider other business options.

2008 On April 15th, after witnessing several years of declining servicing of lubrication systems across North American, Jan Eisses starts a new company with a renewed push for “locals dealing with locals”. Lubecore™ International, Lubecore™ Ontario and Lubecore™ Alberta are all registered to gain a footprint in the Canadian market. The first product is a “next generation automated lubrication system”.

2009 By year end 2009, sales grow substantially along with the development of new products and addition of new distributors across the globe.

2010 Lubecore™ poises itself for expansion and growth.