Lubecore™ Compact Modular Series Pump “Bambino”

Bambinoside view

*20mm narrower  *62mm closer to equipment *13mm less in height

This compact pump has the same features as the other modular pumps including the built in heavy duty filter. It does have a new robust aluminum lid and the bracket set, although more compact, will still fit the standard bolt pattern.

Lubecore’s Compact 2Kg pump is sure to win over new customers that are looking for a lube system for their Mini-excavators, skid steers, process equipment, anywhere limited space is a concern.






Lubecore™ Quint Pump

The Lubecore Quint Pump is built specifically for use with Quintuplex Fracking or Well Service pumps.

Quint Pump

A Quintuplex pump has 5 pistons or plungers which each have a seal packing that requires lubrication to protect the seal packing’s. The grease is supplied to the Quintuplex pump plunger seals while the plungers pump hundreds of gallons of fluid per minute at pressures ranging from 5,000 – 15,000psi.

Quintuplex pumps are used to pump many different fluids such as water, acids, proppants, slurry and slick water. The high volumes and pressures place a tremendous mechanical strain on the plungers which results in heat, while high pressures can cause damage to the seal packs which in turn can cause damage to the pump plungers and even pistons.

The grease delivered to the seal packing has three critical protective functions – protect against friction-damage, protect against heat-damage, and provide grease barrier packing to prevent seal failures from possible pressure damage. This application is highly lubricant dependent, and the stakes are high. A Quintuplex pump equipped trailer retails in excess of $1 million dollars, and if it fails it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair the pump. Not to mention the possible catastrophic costs associated with not being able to complete the fracking services or pump down services it’s on site to do. Lubecore International Inc. and Lubecore Production Services of Texas have worked together with a Quintuplex trailer manufacturer – in order to develop a customized automated lubrication system to perform in this demanding environment.

Mansell Group lubricates fleet

WORKING in extreme conditions such as the Moomba oil fields in the Cooper Basin is harsh on “man and machine” says Robert Mansell of the Neil Mansell Group.

Mansell’s have been working with Briskiar sales/ operations manager Justin Liddelow for more than 10 years now, to ensure their equipment can stand up to Australia’s harsh environment.

Their relationship started with Neil Mansell Transport installing Viesa units on their fleet of trucks as part of a workplace health and safety commitment to help combat driver fatigue, then when Briskair started importing their Lubecore automated lubrication product line, the partnership diversified to the next level.

The Lubecore systems are not only installed on the Neil Mansell transport division trucks, but also the bulk haulage trucks and the concrete agitators that also form part of the Mansell Group.

“Every new truck we have ordered in the past 10 years has been specked with a Briskair Viesa cooling system and in the last five years a Lubecore automated lubrication system – except for a few,” Mr Mansell said.

Those few were recommended by manufacturers to have another type of unit installed, but since then the company has stayed with Lubecore, vowing not to use any similar product again.

“Justin and Chris’s product’s meet our needs. They have excellent service, support and unbelievable back up,” Mr Mansell said.

He praised Briskair and Lubecore Australasia on their before and after sales service.

“They’re both good products, it’s a good business with excellent after sales communication and support.”

The Mansell’s have seven units working on a project in Darwin and all have the Lubecore automated lubrication systems installed. The boys went over and above supplying and installing the product, ensuring the team were self-sufficient and had all the spare parts needed to do small repair jobs on the fly.

“They check on the product, if anything fails and there’s not much, maybe something small, they’ll just replace it. No ifs buts or maybes.”

It’s that reliability that prompts Mr Mansell to say you get what you pay for when it comes to quality.

Installing the Lubecore system, on vehicles and equipment in the 400-plus strong fleet means the Mansell Group can run the same type of grease (being standard EP 2 chassis grease) across the board and control their overall cost on lubrication.

It also means the equipment lasts longer and is lubricated regularly just by topping up the Lubecore reservoir on the back of the truck cab.

A close up of a Lubecore automated greasing system installation. 

The Mansell Group started with Robert’s father eil who still runs the company today, hauling drilling rigs all around Australia in the 1970s, they continue to this today working in the same harsh environment battling the heat and the dust.

The conditions the Mansell trucks typically work in are dry, sandy dirt roads, 50 degree heat in the summer and cold nights and mornings in the winter in the Cooper and Surat basins, where drivers can be hundreds of kilometres away from base – so keeping equipment in good working order is the top priority and something Mr Mansell credits to the support of the boys and Lubecore. Mr Mansell said the system had been put to the test in sandy country and worked well.

“Lubecore gives us piece of mind, that the equipment is maintained better by being lubricated regularly.”



Waterproof Submersible Fully Potted Trailer Timer

perfect timer

  • Solenoid and timer fully potted
  • Sealed against corrosion from de-icing fluids
  • Vibration resistant
  • Programmed with a magnet (no computer or software required)
  • 12v or 24V

potted timer3


  • Easy to program
  • Easy to do single cycle test
  • Easy to activate continuous cycle test

Lubecore™ Mk2 Progressive Timer

The Mk2 Progressive Timer can be installed in various applications ranging from tractors and trailers in the transport sector to skid steers, wheel loaders and mini excavators

in the construction and mining sectors. The Mk2 Progressive Timer has become an excellant choice as a replacement timer for all competitive brands.

MKII 12.057 -Progressive - Externalized Timer - 3 Timers mounted

• Maintenance Intervals are Optimized for your Operation

• Front Mounted LED Indicates Power/Cycle/Mode

• Fully Potted – IP68, Magnetically Programmable

in Hours and Minutes

• 2X Adjustable Duty Cycle / Test Cycle

• Low Level Proximity Switch Ready

• Available in 12/24 VDC

• Heavy Duty Universal Mounting System