Lubecore “Bambino”: Good Things Come In Small Packages

Equipment continues to become more compact so where can an automated lubrication system fit?

Lubecore has the solution with the newest next-generation lubrication system, the “Bambino”.

  • Lubecore “Bambino” is a compact, powerful, and durable modular series pump that ensures proper lubrication of your equipment without sacrificing space.
  • This compact 2Kg pump is perfect for small equipment such as mini-excavators, skid steers, process equipment, anywhere limited space is a concern.
  • “Bambino” has the same high-quality features as other Lubecore modular pumps but has a new robust aluminum lid and bracket set that will fit standard bolt patterns.

2kg photo360                    13180810_10206169194174175_1822929948_n

“Bambino” Highlights:

  • 26% Closer To Equipment
  • 6% Narrower
  • 5% Shorter


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