Lubecore™ Mk2 Progressive Timer

The Mk2 Progressive Timer can be installed in various applications ranging from tractors and trailers in the transport sector to skid steers, wheel loaders and mini excavators

in the construction and mining sectors. The Mk2 Progressive Timer has become an excellant choice as a replacement timer for all competitive brands.

MKII 12.057 -Progressive - Externalized Timer - 3 Timers mounted

• Maintenance Intervals are Optimized for your Operation

• Front Mounted LED Indicates Power/Cycle/Mode

• Fully Potted – IP68, Magnetically Programmable

in Hours and Minutes

• 2X Adjustable Duty Cycle / Test Cycle

• Low Level Proximity Switch Ready

• Available in 12/24 VDC

• Heavy Duty Universal Mounting System


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