Lubecore™ Quint Pump

The Lubecore Quint Pump is built specifically for use with Quintuplex Fracking or Well Service pumps.

Quint Pump

A Quintuplex pump has 5 pistons or plungers which each have a seal packing that requires lubrication to protect the seal packing’s. The grease is supplied to the Quintuplex pump plunger seals while the plungers pump hundreds of gallons of fluid per minute at pressures ranging from 5,000 – 15,000psi.

Quintuplex pumps are used to pump many different fluids such as water, acids, proppants, slurry and slick water. The high volumes and pressures place a tremendous mechanical strain on the plungers which results in heat, while high pressures can cause damage to the seal packs which in turn can cause damage to the pump plungers and even pistons.

The grease delivered to the seal packing has three critical protective functions – protect against friction-damage, protect against heat-damage, and provide grease barrier packing to prevent seal failures from possible pressure damage. This application is highly lubricant dependent, and the stakes are high. A Quintuplex pump equipped trailer retails in excess of $1 million dollars, and if it fails it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair the pump. Not to mention the possible catastrophic costs associated with not being able to complete the fracking services or pump down services it’s on site to do. Lubecore International Inc. and Lubecore Production Services of Texas have worked together with a Quintuplex trailer manufacturer – in order to develop a customized automated lubrication system to perform in this demanding environment.

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