Lubecore Welcomes: Marc Aubin & Midori Howson

Lubecore has seen substantial growth from  outside and inside the business over the last year, with this expansion comes the need for new experienced and professional employees that ensure Lubecore’s continued success. Lubecore International is proud to welcome Midori Howson and Marc Aubin to the Lubecore team.

Midori Howson: Getting our products to our customers and distributors around the world can sometimes be daunting, with Midori as our Packaging/ Shipping/ Receiving Associate our customers can be assured that  their orders will always be on-time even with our continued growth. With over 11 years experience in the automated lubrication market Midori knows the products and services required to be the best, a perfect fit for the Lubecore next-generation team. Midori is very excited to be part of the team, mentioning the benefits of working for a company and CEO who are passionate about the product and service they provide to customers around the globe, rather than just the bottom-line or paychecks.

Marc Aubin:  To be a Lubecore Customer Service Installer Technician you need to be fast, precise, professional, and not afraid to get your hands a little dirty underneath a truck, Marc is a perfect fit. With more than 10 years experience in the industry Marc could probably install a lubrication system blindfolded, combine this with his experience in network administrative makes him a perfect fit for the Lubecore Sudbury team. Marc has interacted with multiple Lubecore team members, including Jan  Eisses who’s passion for automated lubrication systems is contagious says Marc.

Lubecore International and our partners are dedicated to hiring the best and the most passionate in the industry, all to ensure our customers get what they deserve from the investment they make with us.


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