Parallel HP

Parallel HP
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Unique Features 

  • Lubrication Of Critical Points Such As: Pins, Bushings, Lift Cylinders, And Articulation Joints 
  • Easily Adjustable Lubrication Flow For More Accuracy And Protection 
  • Heavy Duty Injector Blocks That Are Built To Last 

Typical Machinery 

  • Mobile Heavy Equipment And Agriculture 
  • Trucks And Trailers 
  • Any Equipment Requiring EP0, EP1, Or EP2 Grease 

Parallel HP Manifolds 

The Lubecore Parallel HP Manifolds Provide Equipment With Precise Greasing While Preventing Internal Piston Sesuire That Could Put Your Equipment At Risk.
Dependable, Powerful, And Durable In The Harshest Conditions.

Lubecore Easy-Reset Timer

The Lubecore Timer Is Fully Programmable To Accommodate Many Variables Such As Type Of Lubricant, Systems Working Environment And Equipment Specifications.