Working on the farm can involve long hours of continuous work. These long periods of activity are usually followed by extended periods of inactivity. During this time, dust and debris seep in and cause increased wear to bearings and other significant grease points located on the machine. Prevent issues from occurring by equipping your machine with a Lubecore greasing system. By doing so you can forget about the expensive repair bills and lost productivity. Protect both your equipment and employees with a Lubecore automated greasing system and we ensure they will continue to produce results surpassing the competition. Call us today we would be more than happy to answer any other questions you might have.

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Lubecore has a continuously growing dealer network consisting of various sales and service sites in several countries globally. With over 100 years of combined management experience, Lubecore supplies and supports dealers and customers in the industrial, transportation, mining, municipal, agricultural and mobile heavy equipment markets. In other words, if it needs grease we can automate the lubrication.