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Truck Mechanic with pump

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Location: 1 Street, Toronto, Canada, L0B 1C7

Phone: (123)-456-789

Contact: John Smith


Interested in having an automated lubrication system installed or serviced on your equipment? Contact us at Company Name for all your automatic greasing needs. With over 15 years of experience in working with the installation and servicing of greasing systems on all types of equipment, we know how to keep your machinery running reliably. Our goal with Lubecore is to have 10,000 points greased with automated lubrication systems by 2026. Learn more about our past projects on our Facebook page linked below!

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Lubecore International is a leading manufacturer and developer of next generation automated lubrication systems, and we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for each of our customers. Contact us today to explore the possibilities we can offer you or request a quote to get started.