With Lubecore’s EP0 or EP2 Steadylube Grease, your equipment will not only receive top-quality lubrication but also an extended warranty! Find out what grease is best for you below or contact your equipment’s manufacturer or a Lubecore expert for assistance.

Recommended in:

→ Heavy-duty automotive
→ Trucks
→ Buses
→ Trailers





EP0 Grease

Lubecore Steadylube Lithium Complex EP0 grease is a robust multi-purpose lubricant that has a lower consistency, making it easier to penetrate tight spaces and flow more smoothly. It offers reduced friction, and high load-carrying capacity, making it suitable for slow-speed applications and extending equipment lifespan.

By using Lubecore Steadylube Lithium Complex EP0 grease in your single-line parallel system, you will receive an extended warranty.

EP2 Grease

Steadylube Lithium Complex Semi Synthetic EP2 grease provides better mechanical stability, enhanced water resistance, long-term lubrication, and superior shear stability. It is commonly used in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications.

By using Lubecore’s Steadylube Lithium Complex Semi-Synthetic EP2 grease in your multi-line spyder or modular progressive system, you will receive an extended warranty.

Recommended in:

→ Heavy-duty automotive (trucks, buses, trailers and fifth wheels)
→ Construction equipment
→ Mining equipment
→ High-temperature bearings (wheel, roller and ball, electric motor, release bearings, etc.)
→ Universal joints
→ Chassis
→ A host of other applications


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