Working on the farm can involve long hours of continuous work. These long periods of activity are usually followed by extended periods of inactivity. During this time, dust and debris seep in and cause increased wear to bearings and other significant grease points located on the machine. When agricultural equipment fails due to increased wear, farmers may miss the opportunity to plant or harvest under optimal conditions, impacting overall success. Prevent issues from occurring by equipping your machine with a Lubecore automated greasing system. Get your free quote today!

Benefits of Automated Lubrication in Agriculture

Preserve the Health of Your Agricultural Equipment

Automated lubrication systems ensure consistent and precise lubrication, protecting the vital components of your agricultural equipment and extending their operational life.

Focus on Your Farm Operations

Let automated lubrication systems take care of the lubrication needs, allowing you to concentrate on managing your farm, tending to crops, and maximizing productivity.

Minimize Downtime and Maximize Yield

With reliable and timely lubrication provided by automated systems, you can reduce the risk of equipment breakdowns, avoid costly delays, and optimize your agricultural output.

Cultivate a Safer Work Environment

Proper lubrication prevents equipment failures, mitigating the risk of accidents and injuries on your farm. Prioritize the safety of your workers with automated lubrication systems.

Optimize Costs

By optimizing lubricant usage and reducing over-lubrication, automated lubrication systems help you save money on lubricant consumption and maintenance expenses in the agriculture industry.

Recommended Systems

6kg Modular Progressive Auto Lube System.

For Harvesters, Combines, Balers, Tractors, Spreaders, etc.

Lubecore's 4kg "Spyder" modular auto greaser.

For Harvesters, Combines, Balers, Tractors, Spreaders, etc.

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