Modular Progressive


→ Large-volume outlet delivers grease through a series of progressive divider blocks
→ Extruded aluminum pump housing prevents both corrosion and deformation
→ Heavy-duty Deutsch electrical connections
→ The system can be manually operated from one grease zerk at the pump outlet if required
→ Delivers NLGI#2 grease consistently down to -20°C due to heavy-duty top spring and pressurized reservoir
→ Fully potted/sealed timer, programmable by a magnet
→ Makrolon® reservoir is break-proof and will remain clear for life
→ Standard stainless-steel mounting brackets
→ Automatic low-level shutoff
→ Cycle indicator for confirmation of grease delivery
→ Optional in-cab display
→ Customizable volume delivery
→ Can service 100 grease points or more
→ Electrically operated (12 or 24V DC)
→ Brass Metering Valves
→ Available with 2kg, 4kg, 6kg or 20kg reservoir
→ Available in both heavy-duty Korilla Premium Hose or Nylon Hose

Typical Applications

→ Highway tractors
→ Multi-axle trailers
→ Vocational (on-road dump trucks, snowplows, cement trucks, garbage trucks)
→ Wheel loaders
→ Excavators
→ Rock trucks
→ Mining equipment
→ Forestry equipment
→ Stationary industrial equipment

Modular Progressive

The Lubecore Modular Progressive Automated Lubrication system can be used in a variety of applications. It provides powerful, yet precise delivery of all ranges of grease while compact distributor blocks ensure the system feeds all areas of equipment.

Modular Pump Design

Lubecore’s Modular Progressive Automated Lubrication system is constructed with a modular design in mind. The modular design is maintenance-friendly which allows for quick and easy access to vital components allowing for simple part replacement and repair.

Fully Submergible Potted Timer

Lubecore’s timer systems are fully potted making them moisture and dust-proof. This makes the timer fully protected from dust, corrosion, salt, brine and extreme vibration.

Timer LED Communication

Lubecore’s timer LED communication allows for a clear indication of both a power and a ground connection. The timer provides ease of testing as well as troubleshooting via the use of the provided magnet.

Automatic Low-Level Shut-off

The low-level shutoff prevents the operation of the grease pump when the reservoir is empty. The low-level shutoff prevents any possible bleeding episodes that could occur as a result of the pump running empty for an extended period of time. After each time the reservoir is filled the timer automatically resets allowing for continuous operation.

Korilla Premium Lining Option

Lubecore’s Modular Progressive systems are found on many different types of heavy equipment working in an array of harsh environments. Lubecore provides and recommends the option to equip any Lubecore system with Korilla Premium Lining. Korilla Premium Line is an ultra-durable, extreme heavy-duty lining that provides peace of mind by leaving broken line repairs in the past. Lubecore Korilla Premium Lining utilizes a simple but highly effective connection system, which does not require a hydraulic crimper or reusable fittings. To learn more, click here.

Modular Progressive Brochure


Typical Applications

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

- Wheel Loaders - Backhoes - Excavators - Dozers - Motor Graders



- Harvesters - Combines - Balers - Manure Spreaders - Tractors

Ports and Terminals

Ports and Terminals

- Shunt Truck - Trailers - Ship-to-Shore Crane - Container Handler - Forklift

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