HP-400 Compact Chief


→ Interchangeable metering elements to tailor lubrication delivery volume
→ Single hydraulic connection
→ Compact design to fit any machine
→ Interchangeable hydraulic actuator springs
→ EP-2 grease capability
→ Low-level indicator light option
→ Lightweight anodized aluminum pump
→ Easily accessible bleed screw
→ Extreme operating temperature range
→ Progressive system design
→ Slotted grease reservoir with Lubecore supplied 400g. clear grease tubes
→ Korilla HD line option
→ Simple DIY installation
→ Heavy-duty mounting system

Typical Applications

→ Mini excavators
→ Skidsteers
→ Forklifts/Truck-mount forklift
→ Backhoes
→ Stump grinders
→ Lift-gates
→ Automated refuse pick-up arms
→ Other hydraulic equipment

HP-400 Compact Chief

The HP-400 Compact Chief Lubrication System’s compact footprint ensures your small equipment remains well lubricated. Its simple design delivers a precise amount of grease, allowing for consistent delivery with every cycle of the equipment.

Interchangeable Elements

Easily adjust the system delivery with superior accuracy using colour-coded elements. Elements put out precise grease volumes and can are adaptable for any equipment.

Single Hydraulic Connection

The simple, hydraulic design removes the need for an air or electric connection and allows for ease of installation and operation.

Compact Footprint with Vast Mounting Options

The compact size of the HP-400 ensures that it will fit on small equipment without affecting functionality. Installation can be completed on any size equipment with the following mounting options:

→ Cylinder mount
→ Weld-on plate
→ Short z-bracket
→ Tall z-bracket

Interchangeable Hydraulic Actuated Springs

Each pump is adjustable in the field to work with variable operating pressures allowing for optimal reset pressure. This feature ensures that there is consistent grease delivery no matter the equipment.

Easy to Install DIY Kits

Contact Lubecore for an easy-to-install kit for your compact equipment. Operating manuals, instructions, and complete kits provide a smooth installation process.

Low-Level Indicator Light Option

The optional low-level light indicates to operators when the grease pump is empty.

Korilla Premium Line Option

Lubecore’s Automated Greasing Systems can be found on various equipment working in an array of harsh environments. Lubecore provides the option to equip any Lubecore system with Korilla Premium Lining. Korilla Premium Line is an ultra-durable, extreme heavy-duty lining that provides peace of mind by leaving broken line repairs in the past. To learn more, click here.

HP-400 Compact Chief Brochure


Typical Applications

Small Equipment

Small Equipment

- Small Loader - Mini Excavator - Skid Steer - Fork Lift - Stump Grinder



- Lawn Mower - Pickup Truck with Box - Mini Garbage Truck

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