Grease Volume Delivered Meter

It is difficult to manually lubricate a bearing to a precise volume of grease using a grease gun, or grease pump. This can result in either under or over greasing of the bearing which can directly affect the bearings lifespan. To target and resolve this issue Lubecores volumetric grease flow meter can be used to measure the precise volume of grease delivered to the point, providing you with confidence and ensuring the component is receiving the required volume of grease.

Lubecore™ is a business that goes above and beyond and takes pride in servicing all makes and models of automatic greasing systems including Groeneveld, Bekamax, Interlube and Lincoln.  Lubecore has the ability to provide high-quality replacement parts for most automated lubrication systems. If you are currently seeking an alternative parts source please do not hesitate to contact Lubecore international.

The following PDF’s provide information on all Lubecore catalogues that can be used to find parts, fittings, brackets, etc:

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