Municipal fleet managers face the challenge of maintaining an incredibly broad range of equipment. Many machines in the fleet do not have a dedicated operator, which often means no one takes responsibility for greasing the mobile equipment. Lubecore’s Automated Lubrication Systems address this maintenance issue by protecting your versatile fleet from neglect.

Benefits of Automated Lubrication in the Municipal Industry

Ensure Reliable Municipal Operations

Automated lubrication systems deliver consistent and precise lubrication, ensuring the smooth functioning of critical machinery used in municipal services such as waste management, street cleaning, and public transportation.

Prioritize Essential Services

Let automated lubrication systems handle lubrication tasks, freeing up your municipal workforce to focus on delivering vital services and addressing community needs effectively.

Minimize Service Disruptions

With reliable and automated lubrication, you can reduce equipment breakdowns, maintenance delays, and costly service interruptions, ensuring uninterrupted municipal operations and improved service delivery.

Promote public safety and well-being

Proper lubrication provided by automated systems helps prevent equipment failures and malfunctions, contributing to safer streets, cleaner neighborhoods, and reliable public transportation, enhancing the overall safety and well-being of the community.

Optimize Cost-efficiency and Sustainability

By optimizing lubricant usage, reducing waste, and minimizing maintenance costs, automated lubrication systems contribute to cost-effective and sustainable municipal practices, ensuring long-term savings and environmental responsibility.

Recommended Systems

6kg Modular Progressive Auto Lube System.

For Street Sweepers, Loaders, Graders, Pavers, etc.

Pneumatic EP0 210 no line

For Dump Trucks, Snow Plows, Vacuum Trucks, etc.

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