Ports and Terminals

Equipment that operates in ports and terminals must function in an extremely challenging environment. Equipment uptime is key and unscheduled downtime is very expensive. Whether it’s container handling equipment or a stevedoring operation, when a ship arrives there’s no time to grease even if the pins are squeaking. With Lubecore’s Automated Lubrication Systems, you can prevent expensive repairs and keep your shipping equipment fully operational.

Benefits of Automated Lubrication in Ports and Terminals

Boost operational productivity

Automated lubrication systems are a game-changer in the ports and terminals industry, optimizing operational productivity. By ensuring precise and consistent lubrication, these systems minimize equipment failures, enabling seamless ship unloading and maximizing throughput.

Reduce costly downtime

With reliable and automated lubrication, ports and terminals experience reduced downtime, which is crucial for avoiding financial losses. By preventing equipment breakdowns, these systems keep operations running smoothly and minimize disruptions in cargo handling.

Enhance safety and reliability

Automated lubrication systems contribute to a safer working environment in ports and terminals. By providing proper lubrication, they help prevent equipment malfunctions and reduce the risk of accidents, ensuring the safety of personnel and cargo.

Extend equipment lifespan

Consistent and optimal lubrication from automated systems extends the lifespan of machinery in ports and terminals. By reducing friction and wear, these systems help preserve the integrity of equipment, minimizing the need for premature replacements and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Optimize cost-efficiency and sustainability

Automated lubrication systems offer long-term cost savings by optimizing lubricant usage and minimizing maintenance expenses. Their efficient and precise lubrication leads to reduced lubricant consumption, lower maintenance needs, and improved sustainability in the ports and terminals industry.

Recommended Systems

6kg Modular Progressive Auto Lube System

For Cranes, Container Handlers, Forklifts, etc.


For equipment with less than 30 points.

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