Multi-Line "Spyder"

4kg Multi-Line "Spyder" Automated Lubrication System


  • Lines go directly from the pump to the grease point
  • Delivers NLGI#2 grease consistently down to -30°C due to heavy-duty top spring and pressurized reservoir
  • Fully potted/sealed timer programmable by a magnet
  • Makrolon® reservoir is break-proof and will remain clear for life
  • Standard stainless-steel mounting brackets
  • Automatic low-level shutoff
  • Optional in-cab display
  • Customizable volume delivery
  • Services up to 72 grease points
  • Electrically operated (12 or 24V DC)
  • Available with 2kg, 4kg, or 6kg reservoir

Typical Applications

  • Disc-brake highway tractors
  • Terminal tractors (shunt trucks/spotters)
  • Self-steering trailer axles
  • Tandem/triaxle trailers
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Mini excavators
  • Motor graders
  • Stationary industrial equipment

Multi-line “Spyder”

The Multi-line “Spyder” pump’s all-in-one design provides a low-cost solution with big maintenance savings. It will enhance the safe operation of your equipment by delivering continuous lubrication to critical components such as automatic brake adjusters, clevis pins, spring hangers, linkages, lift cylinders, turn tables, fifth wheels, etc.

EP-2 Grease Capability

The Lubecore Multi-Line “Spyder” provides impressive capability’s pumping both EP2 and EP0 grease with ease, allowing for a wide range of applications. The Multi-line “Spyder” also has the capability to pump a variety of oils.

Automatic Low-level Shut-off Option

Lubecore gives the option to equip your system with a low-level shutoff sensor which will make the operator aware when the pump’s reservoir is getting low, prompting them to refill it with a sounding alarm. The low-level shutoff prevents operators from operating equipment that has little to no grease left. This, in practice, prevents any possible extensive component wear.

Direct Grease Delivery

The Multi-line “Spyder” pump provides direct grease delivery to the grease point providing precise and accurate grease volume. The Multi-line is ideal as a cost-effective solution.

Insulated Mounting System

Lubecore’s Insulated Mounting System is included with all Lubecore Automated Greasing Systems. Our mounting system is insulated ensuring no Galvanic Corrosion of both the bracket and pump body. Your system will be mounted to your desired specifications and location, and installed by one of our professional customer service technicians.

Korilla Premium Line Option

Lubecore’s Automated Greasing Systems are found on a variety of different equipment working in an array of harsh environments. Lubecore provides the option to equip any Lubecore system with Korilla Premium Lining. Korilla Premium Line is an ultra-durable, extreme heavy-duty lining that provides peace of mind by leaving broken line repairs in the past. To learn more, click here.

Typical Applications

Stationary Equipment

Stationary Equipment

- Sawmill - Feed Mill - Injection Molding - Bottling Equpiment

Transportation Industry

Transportation Industry

- Highway Truck & Tractor - Straight Truck - Courier Vehicles - Cab-Over Delivery Truck



- Fire Engine - Ambulance

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