Waste and Recycling

Vocational trucks are the backbone of many industries including road maintenance, electricity and waste and recycling management. These trucks work around the clock as their services are always in high demand. Lubecore’s Automated Lubrication Systems ensure that the work continues without interruption when it is most crucial. Lubecore’s greasing systems also give peace of mind to both drivers and business owners that their equipment is kept well-lubricated and ready to go. Parts and labour for heavy-duty vocational trucks are expensive and time-consuming to install. Downtime equals lost revenue. Ensure your fleet is maximizing revenue and productivity by providing your equipment with Lubecore’s next generation automated lubrication.

Benefits of Automated Lubrication in Waste and Recycling

Enhance Waste Management Operations

Automated lubrication systems play a crucial role in the waste and recycling industry by ensuring reliable and efficient operation of critical machinery, such as waste collection trucks, recycling equipment, and compactors.

Minimize Costly Equipment Downtime

With reliable and automated lubrication, the waste and recycling industry can minimize equipment breakdowns and maintenance delays, reducing costly downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Promote Safety and Reliability

Proper lubrication provided by automated systems helps prevent equipment failures, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring safe and reliable waste management services for workers and communities.

Extend Equipment Lifespan

Consistent and optimized lubrication from automated systems helps extend the lifespan of waste management equipment. By reducing friction and wear, these systems contribute to minimizing maintenance needs and extending the longevity of machinery.

Optimize Cost-efficiency and Sustainability

Automated lubrication systems contribute to cost savings in the waste and recycling industry by optimizing lubricant usage, reducing maintenance expenses, and improving overall operational efficiency. Additionally, their efficient lubrication practices promote sustainability by minimizing waste and environmental impact in waste management processes.

Recommended Systems

6kg Modular Progressive Auto Lube System.

For Garbage Trucks, Automated Side-Loader, Compactors, etc.

Pneumatic EP0 210 no line

For Garbage Trucks, Automated Sid-Loaders, etc.

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