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Recommended Tools:

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Tech Support

Looking for installation layouts, general manuals, troubleshooting help, or warranty info?

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Find parts manuals, images, order forms, and contacts or additional information here.

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Sales and Marketing

Need promotional content, sales tools, Lubecore branding, or trade show information?

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Find product how-to-videos, administrative advice for growing you business, and more.

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A link to Dropbox – a database of Lubecore installations, layouts, and more.

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Jan Eisses.

Ryan Douglas

Technical support – Canada

(905) 864-3110 ext. 123

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Jerry DeWever

Technical support – USA

(905) 864-3110 ext. 123

Jan Eisses.

Frake Eisses

Technical support – General

(905) 864-3110 ext. 123

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