Lubecore’s Automated Lubrication Systems (ALS) are designed to keep every piece of equipment involved in the transportation industry well lubricated ensuring the most reliable and safe operation possible. Lubecore’s industry-leading systems will increase component life, extending periods between vehicle maintenance sessions.

With the increasing rarity of experienced and knowledgeable diesel mechanics, the transportation industry’s labour costs continue to rise. Lubecore provides a long-term solution for your business and protects you from rising component and labour costs. Lubecore ALSs are constructed with precision and a focus on quality providing a very long lifespan. In most cases, our greasing systems outlive the equipment itself. A well-greased component will not only have a much longer lifespan but will also deliver a higher standard of performance and safety. A Lubecore ALS will be an asset to your transportation vehicles by preventing jackknifing as well as incorrect axle alignment leading to reduced fuel efficiency and uneven steer tire wear.

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Lubecore has a continuously growing dealer network consisting of various sales and service sites in several countries globally. With over 100 years of combined management experience, Lubecore supplies and supports dealers and customers in the industrial, transportation, mining, municipal, agricultural and mobile heavy equipment markets. In other words, if it needs grease we can automate the lubrication.