Lubecore™ is proud to focus on providing the most enjoyable experience possible for our customers at every stage of the process. From working with our personable sales team, witnessing our high-quality installation services and always having access to any needed ongoing support.

Our business is your protection plan. That’s why we are different. And, that’s what makes us simply, “the best”. We aren’t just selling a product; we sell solutions designed to protect your equipment, your employees and the environment they work in, and ultimately your organization’s bottom line. We provide the end customer with the most sustainable value for their investment.

Lubecore™ is dedicated on a daily basis to improve by constantly reevaluating both our products and business practices. Lubecore™ produces both the highest quality and most innovative automated greasing systems on the market; this is simply just one of the reasons why we are leading the pack.

We pack a powerful punch with our 4P value chain: our business principles, our customer promise, our products, and our great people. Combined, we can’t be beaten. Dig inside for more details about our business, who we are, our products and services and how to do business with us.

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Lubecore has a continuously growing dealer network consisting of various sales and service sites in several countries globally. With over 100 years of combined management experience, Lubecore supplies and supports dealers and customers in the industrial, transportation, mining, municipal, agricultural and mobile heavy equipment markets. In other words, if it needs grease we can automate the lubrication.