For Lubecore, 2019 turned into a year of continued growth. With an expanded presence in Alberta and Ontario and several new hires in our Campbellville headquarters, the company is on track for sustained growth. We are especially pleased to announce the additions of Ali McDonald in the role of inside sales support and scheduling, and Bert Tevel as our distribution network development manager.

To better serve a growing client base in Western Canada, we’ve hired two new certified service technicians (i.e. installers), a new operations manager and a new sales person in Alberta.

We also recently took on three new installers and a new sales person to help service Eastern Ontario, while adding two new sales people and three installers to our Central Ontario contingent.

The road to expansion and enhanced performance involved overcoming several hurdles on the R&D side while increasing our marketing efforts and trade show presence.

We look forward to continued success by being able to better support our customers through expansion, innovation and our best-in-class products and services.

Contact Lubecore to learn how automated lubricating systems can improve the performance and durability of your equipment.

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