Pneumatic Single Line 210

Adjustable Run and Pause Cycles

The Lubecore Single Line 210 system is equipped with a timing system that provides flexibility and allows the customer to adjust the amount of time the system runs. This changes the total output of grease.

Real-Time Electronic Performance Measurement 

Lubecore’s Single Line 210 systems are technologically advanced. Our integrated real-time electronic performance system gives the opportunity to measure the exact pump pressure at any given date or time. This system also provides information if a low-level alarm has been triggered, and when it was triggered. This feature holds Mechanics accountable and will contribute to keeping your Lubecore system running like new as intended.

Brass Super Injectors

Lubecore understands the importance of manufacturing a product that lasts and provides next-generation durability. This is why all of our Single Line 210 systems are fitted with high-quality brass Super Injectors preventing any possible rust or corrosion.

Korilla Premium Lining Option

Lubecore’s Automated Greasing Systems are found on a variety of different equipment working in an array of harsh environments. Lubecore provides the option to equip any Lubecore system with Korilla Premium Lining. Korilla Premium Line is an ultra-durable, extreme heavy-duty lining that provides peace of mind by leaving broken line repairs in the past. To learn more click here.



  • Single-stroke, air-operated piston pump
  • Manifolds and injectors are supplied by mainline from the pump
  • Lubecore S Series injectors deliver preset volumes of grease to each point
  • S Series injectors can deliver NLGI #2 grease consistently down to -10°C due to high reload pressure
  • S Series injectors can deliver NLGI #0 grease consistently down to -40°C due to high reload pressure
  • In-cab timer with readable memory and smart switch or pump front-mounted timer
  • Makrolon® reservoir is break-proof and will remain clear for life
  • Automatic low-level shutoff
  • Customizable volume delivery
  • Compatible with (12 or 24V DC)
  • Available with 4 or 6kg reservoir

Typical Applications

  • Highway tractors
  • Trailers
  • Vocational (on-road dump trucks, snowplows, cement trucks, garbage trucks)
  • Street sweepers
  • Terminal tractors (shunt trucks/spotters)
  • Stationary industrial equipment


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