Grease Volume Delivered Meter

It is difficult to manually lubricate a bearing to a precise volume of grease using a grease gun, or grease pump. This can result in either under or over greasing of the bearing which can directly affect the bearings lifespan. To target and resolve this issue Lubecores volumetric grease flow meter can be used to measure the precise volume of grease delivered to the point, providing you with confidence and ensuring the component is receiving the required volume of grease.



The Grease Volume Delivered Meter accurately measures and displays the volume of grease that is delivered, in both metric (cm³ or g) and US units (US fl. oz or oz). The meter is rated for extremely high pressure with a maximum pressure of (10 000 psi) or 700 bar making it applicable for use with the Lubecore pump and many other grease guns as well.

The Lubecore Grease Volume Delivered Meter works faultlessly with the Lubecore pump and with most kinds of grease guns. Prior to dispensing grease, you can reset the meter with the press of a button.

The meter displays the amount with large (9 mm) easy to read numbers on the display with the desired unit (cm³, g, oz, or fl.oz.).

The flowmeter has a re-settable counter (for the total amount).

With the help of the Lubecore Grease Volume Delivered Meter, it is now possible to confirm the correct volume of grease has been delivered based on the bearing manufacturer’s specifications.

Technical data          Volumetric Grease Flow Mt


Technical dataGrease Volume Delivered Meter
Material, housing:Aluminium, anodized
Working pressure:Max 70 MPa/10,000 psi
Flow:Max 1,000 cm³/min
Measuring accuracy:±3% upp till 30 MPa (4 400 psi)
Height of digits:9 mm
Number of digits:4
Battery:1 piece of AA (1,5 V)
Medium:Grease up to NLGI 2
Weight:0.3 kg
Connections:ISO-R1/8 female
Part Number:10.551



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