Landscape Ontario Congress

Lubecore is at the Landscape Ontario Congress – Toronto Jan 9-11 2018

Enjoy your free VIP trade show pass by using an  exclusive VIP #274928, courtesy of Lubecore International Inc.

This annual trade show and conference for Canada has many horticultural and landscape professionals.  It’s rated as one of North Americas top rated show for the green industry.

Come by booth #634 and say ‘hello’! or contact us at 


Lubecore’s Spyder Pump Featured in Today’s Trucking

20130906094013_00001Lubecore’s Next Generation Spyder Pump was featured in the September issue of Today’s Trucking Magazine.  Go to the Product Watch section of the magazine and you can see a nicely written article on the new Spyder pump.

Lubecore has done a great deal of market research and used valuable customer feedback to design the new Spyder pump.  The pump has numerous features and benefits that make it the right choice in many market applications from over the road transport trucks and trailers to heavy equipment and municipal equipment.

For more information on the Spyder pump, please visit the Multiline section of the Products page on our website or contact us at Lubecore directly.

Today’s Trucking September 2013 Article




Lubecore Introduces New Multiline “Spyder” Pump

LCI Spyder 4 kgLubecore International Inc. released its new and improved multiline pump called the Spyder.  The Spyder pump is a result of market research and design improvements to meet the demands of the industry.  There are many features including a heavy duty insulated mounting system, a fully potted programmable timer and a large clear reservoir with a follow plate which enhance the pumps ability to deliver the appropriate lubricant on a large array of equipment applications.  The Spyder pump will enhance your preventative maintenance program and keep your greasable components in excellent condition.

This maintenance tool keeps your equipment on the road, earning you money!