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Your Equipment works hard every day, pushed to the limit in many situations. It needs to perform perfectly. There’s no good reason to gamble with the longevity of your equipment by leaving it unprotected.

Hard-working machines need adequate protection, and so do their owners. That’s why our customers love Lubecore Automated Lubrication Systems (ALS’s). Their machines and their investments are well protected, and so is their production capacity by avoiding downtime.

When you visit Booth S64712 at CONEXPO 2020 in Las Vegas, we would love to tell you all about our ALS’s, and… give you a chance to win a Lubecore ALS for one of your machines. Every day at CONEXPO 2020, someone will win a fully installed Lubecore ALS, and it could be you!

We believe the best gift we can give you is protection.

You’re welcome.

Jan Eisses

President of Lubecore International

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Lubecore’s Innovation Is No Toss-Up

At Lubecore, we value innovation so much that it has become part of our DNA. We pride ourselves on continuously raising the bar in the Automatic Lubrication System industry. Starting with fully modular pumps, then adding top springs, and having self bleeding pumps, we continue to innovate.

And we don’t stop there. Come visit Booth S64712 at CONEXPO 2020, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the ALS, including how it will benefit the lifespan and reliability of all your equipment.

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Big Investments Deserve the Best Protection

When you make significant investments in heavy Equipment, you do so with years of operating experience, and expectations of getting your return on investment out of the machine. There is only a relatively small additional investment required for an Automated Lubrication System to make a big difference in reliability. Making sure all moving parts under pressure are always greased and safe: Lubecore!

We’ll give you a quote for your new Heavy Equipment within minutes when you visit our Booth S64712 at CONEXPO 2020.

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