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Your Equipment works hard every day, pushed to the limit in many situations. It needs to perform perfectly, just like racing your motorbike on the track, driving your laps faster and faster but maintaining reliability. Our question for you is this: would you drive those circuit laps on a motorcycle without enough engine oil in it or the protection of a helmet?

We’re pretty sure we know the answer! Hard-working machines need adequate protection, and so do their owners. That’s why our customers love Lubecore Automated Lubrication Systems (ALS’s). Their machines and their investments are well protected and so is their production capacity by avoiding downtime.

When you visit Booth 1640 at TMC, we would love to tell you all about our ALS’s, and… give you a chance to win a Lubecore ALS for one of your machines. Every day at TMC, someone will win a fully installed Lubecore ALS, and it could be you!

We believe the best gift we can give you is protection.

You’re welcome. 

Jan Eisses
President of Lubecore International

Lubecore Automated Lubrication System Pump Closeup With Serial Number Plate

Lubecore: The Most Innovative Automated Lubrication Systems

At Lubecore, we value innovation so much that it has become part of our DNA. We pride ourselves on continuously raising the bar in the Automatic Lubrication System industry. Starting with fully modular pumps, then adding top springs, and having self bleeding pumps, we continue to innovate.

And we don’t stop there. Come visit Booth 1640 at TMC, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know, including how it will benefit the lifespan and reliability of your equipment.

Collage of fifth-wheel plates on tractor-trailer combinations showing dry and greased differences

Lubecore Optimum 5th-Wheel Lubrication

Lubecore will be performing fuel economy testing with PIT group ATA approved using SAE protocol.

LO5L will be tested in a controlled environment.

What is LO5L?

LO5L stands for Lubecore Optimum 5th-Wheel Lubrication

I have been in the Automated Lubrication business for 30 years now. From experience we know:

  • Dry 5th-wheels are unsafe
  • Dry 5th-wheels impact handling
  • Dry 5th-wheels increase steer tire wear (scrubbing)
  • Having a dry 5th-wheel is comparable to having drive axle misalignment (as confirmed by TMC)
  • Cummins, speaking for fuel economy guide, relates misalignment to fuel economy by a factor of up to 2.2 percent

We will be testing three greases:

  1. Lubecore EP2 chassis grease
  2. Lubecore EP0 chassis grease
  3. Lubecore biodegradable 5th-wheel grease

Our questions for testing are:

  • Does an under-lubricated 5th-wheel increase fuel consumption?
  • Does LO5L save fuel and if so, how much?!

If you are interested in finding out more, stop by Lubecore Booth #1640 at TMC, and tell us if you’re interested in finding out the results of these tests later this spring.

You’re welcome!

Jan Eisses

Mechanic working on red car tires

Lubecore Will Change Your Life – Ready for it?

Being a mechanic is a rewarding line of work. We recognize that. Working on big machines & heavy equipment, installing Automated Greasing Systems, and having your own company is a life-changer. At Lubecore, we are constantly on the lookout for new dealers. So… what’s stopping you?

If you are a licensed Red Seal mechanic eager to take the next step in your life and career by becoming a Lubecore dealer, we will train and coach. You’ll have freedom as a business owner with the training and help of a professional organization. Combined with a high-quality product, it’s your formula for success.

Ready for this next step? Click here for more information.

Collage of heavy equipment, lubrication pump, mobile equipment, lubecore vehicle, mechanic

Lubecore North America is Looking to Expand

Innovation is driving our growth.

With a bulletproof product-line serving a wide range of industries from road fleets, agricultural, heavy equipment up to industrial applications, Lubecore is looking for dealers who meet our professional standards to sell and install Lubecore Automated Lubrication systems and grow our satisfied customer base. North America is full of potential for you as a Lubecore partner. You will serve customers and help them protect their investments and avoid downtime without having to do the dirty work themselves anymore.

We are looking for technically inclined, motivated people who want to invest time in themselves and grow their expertise to become exceptional in the field.

It’s an exciting world out there in the realm of Lubecore: being free, having your own business, representing a high-quality product, and adding value for your customers. Lubecore will train you and your team to become an all-around Lubecore representative. Dealer size is dependent on the area but can range from a small dedicated team up to a significant regional truck-dealer who incorporates Lubecore in its product and service portfolio.

Interested in becoming a Lubecore dealer?

Great, we’d like that! Just ask us anything by clicking here.

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