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Dear Friends of Lubecore,

Lubecore is a highly specialized manufacturer of Automated Greasing Systems (AGS), but our proud Lubecore team is really our “Canadian Army Knife”. Such “Jack of all trades”, using their knowledge, experience, and drive to design solutions for new or even yet-to-exist equipment, and provide tailor-made, high-end Automated Greasing Systems within a short period. The very fact that we design, engineer, and produce our own parts and systems locally in our Canadian facility makes it possible to be quick-responding and flexible to market demands while maintaining quality control and in-house testing secured.

See some samples below in this newsletter. Besides that, this time of year is the season of trade-shows. Lubecore is on tour, and we’d like to meet you in person! We are expanding our business throughout North America and to even more overseas locations. We are always looking for new dealers and customers to serve.

If that sounds like you, I would like to welcome you to the Lubecore family.

Talk soon!

Jan Eisses – President of Lubecore International

collage lubecore at Manitoba Ag Days show

Lubecore Models Innovation at Manitoba AG Days 2020

The Manitoba Ag Days Show is an exposition of agricultural production, technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across North America. Professionals, agriculturists, and traders meet and proliferate their knowledge and expertise in the agricultural sector, initiating innovations in farming. The show was held last week in Brandon, Manitoba.

That was the perfect place for Lubecore to display brand new, dedicated Agricultural innovation that can save farmers and operators enormous amounts of time and money, all while eliminating even more dirty work for them.

Lubecore has designed an Automated Greasing System for Air Seeders, or Air Drills as they are often called. A typical machine could contain as many as 70 rows with up to 500 greasing points, costing around $30,000 while only being utilized a few hundred hours per year due to the seasonal duty of the equipment. Lubecore’s new Remote Grease Bank System offers flexibility with 3-5 points per row on the Air Drill, and up to 70 rows concurrently greased easily at a fraction of the costs of a traditional system.

We received very positive responses from visitors to our Ag Days booth, and  Lubecore team member Albert Boonstra was happy to demonstrate how farmers and operators can save a lot of money, get rid of some dirty work, and protect their equipment simultaneously.

Do you have any questions? Click here and we will be happy to answer.

lubecore remote grease bank system diagram

Remote Grease Bank System

Equipment maintenance is an important function, but how do you get it all done? Today’s modern Agricultural equipment can have hundreds of locations requiring grease. Often these grease points are critical components that are tucked into hard-to-reach areas, or covered in dirt. When the weather is right, your equipment needs to be making money, not held up for maintenance or repair.

Lubecore’s remote Grease Line System brings the grease points to a safe and convenient location on the equipment. No more crawling over and under your machinery to get a grease job done. No more time wasted cleaning away crud to get access to grease nipple. With less time required to get the job done, you have the confidence that your equipment is being maintained without sacrificing uptime.

collage tractor trailer lubecore automated greasing system installed

Spot a Lubecore

Just another day on the road in Ontario, Canada, spotting Lubecore’s greasing hard-working trucks and keep them moving no matter the conditions, makes us proud.

Did you spot a Lubecore? Click here to send us your picture.

Thank you!

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