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Lubecore Super Injectors

At Lubecore, we value innovation so much it has become a part of our DNA. Over the years we have prided ourselves on continuously raising the bar in the Automatic Lubrication System industry. Starting with fully modular pumps, then adding top springs, and having self bleeding pumps, we continue to innovate.

One of Lubecore’s most recent innovations has been the introduction of the Lubecore S Series injectors, The Super Injector.

A fully self bleeding injector: Our injectors have the capability to pump air through them, making them the only injectors on the market that are self bleeding when air is present in the manifold.

  • Consistent performance throughout all weather: with a 500 PSI reset pressure the injectors are sure to reload and deliver consistent volume in low-temperature areas and applications!
  • Superior Life: The injectors have been tested with results of well over 200,000 cycles. This is equivalent to over 100 years worth of cycles!
  • Exceptional Grease Pressure: The pressure that the pump makes is the pressure that grease is delivered to the point with!

These injectors combined with Lubecore’s 210 Single Line System makes for high performance, low maintenance, mechanic friendly, Automatic Lubrication System!

“I have been in the Automated Lubrication System business for 30 years. The features we designed in these Lubecore Super Injectors are truly going to benefit our customers. This is a new benchmark.”

-Jan Eisses, President

For questions about our Super Injectors, click here.

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End the Guesswork: Grease Volume Delivered Meter

In order to maintain and run an efficient fleet of vehicles, optimal lubrication is a key component. The problem with manual grease lubrication is that no matter how skilled your mechanic is with a grease gun, there will always be a certain amount of guessing involved. This leads to under/over-lubrication, both of which are harmful and wasteful.

By equipping you to apply just the right amount of grease, Lubecore’s Grease Volume Delivered (GVD) Meter protects your seals from too much or too little lubrication, meets equipment manufacturer requirements, and keeps accurate and up-to-date records.

It’s time to take the guesswork out of manual grease lubrication in order to accurately service your vehicles’ grease-volume requirements.

GVD Meter Benefits
  • Can be used in conjunction with a grease gun
  • Displays accurate measurement of the volume delivered to critical grease points
  • Meets equipment manufacturer lubrication specifications
  • Protects critical bearings, and reduces downtime from both over and under-lubrication
  • Can be used in combination with a progressive divider valve
  • Volume of grease going into a number of grease points is controlled by a progressive divider which regulates the ratio and volume of grease per point
  • Each grease point receives the correct volume according to design specifications
  • Total volume of grease required for the group of points is known, and the GVD Meter measures and records the volume delivered to the entire group of grease points
  • Responsibility for meeting lubrication requirements lies with the machine operator
  • Responsibility to measure and record grease delivered lies with the equipment operator
  • Automatic grease-to-grease point delivery
  • GVD Meter is attached to the progressive divider valve, which is fed by an automatic grease-based lubrication system
  • Pump delivery is set to meet manufacturer’s greasing requirements by an electronic timer
  • Grease is delivered in small portions during operating hours instead of in single, manual applications
  • Amount of grease delivered is measured and recorded
  • Manual override is allowedGVD Meter can be installed in a series in the mainline of an Automated Lubrication SystemEquipment running hours are measured

Installing the GVD Meter on your vehicles will reduce component wear and tear, save on maintenance and labour costs, and improve fuel efficiency.

For more information, click this link.

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Lubecore North America Is Looking For New Dealers

Innovation is driving our growth.

With a bulletproof product-line serving a wide range of industries from road fleets, agricultural, heavy equipment up to industrial applications, Lubecore is looking for dealers who meet our dealer standards. We want dealers who want to sell and install Lubecore systems and grow a satisfied customer base. North America (and some parts of Canada) is full of potential for you with Lubecore. As a Lubecore dealer, you serve and help customers to protect their investment, and avoid downtime without having to do the dirty work themselves anymore.

We are looking for motivated technical people who want to invest time in themselves and grow their expertise from there, being successful in the field. It’s an exciting world out there in the realm of Lubecore: being free, having your own business, representing a high-quality product, and adding value for your customers. Lubecore will train you and your team to become an all-around Lubecore representative. Dealer size is dependent on the area but can range from a small dedicated team up to a significant regional truck-dealer who incorporates Lubecore in its product and service portfolio.

Interested in becoming a Lubecore dealer?

Great, we’d like that! Just ask us anything by clicking here.

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