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Lubecore Accelerates

Dear Friends of Lubecore,

After years of perfecting our products, building a great team, and starting our in house design and production of parts and systems, we are ready to shift to the next gear and accelerate in this new year of growth.

We will add new dealers in Canada and the USA while restructuring our dealer network and distribution. Making sure everybody knows his task and can give his utmost best in doing so.

While growing, our primary focus will remain the end-user satisfaction. The man or woman operating the equipment with our Lubecore system on it needs to be able to depend on it to work flawlessly under any condition. And, in the unlikely event, it doesn’t work, we, together with our dealers, need to be able to solve it as quickly as possible. We believe in satisfied customers being the best ambassadors for our brand.

A product is only the best on the market if combined with the best possible service. That’s what we are after and will deliver. By doing so, we will accelerate our dealers business, his customer’s business, and finally our own business as a manufacturer.

We will keep you updated on a regular basis through newsletters showing you how we grow and make our dealers and end-users happy with great products and excellent service.

Accelerate with us in this next gear and new year
May 2020 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

-Jan Eisses

Western Dimensional Train rail mover collage

Rail King moves Mountains with Lubecore 

Western Dimensional is a specialized transportation company based in Ontario Canada and made the decision to protect their Rail King mover with a Lubecore progressive lubrication system and now moves “Mountains”! Smart choice, because of smooth operation. Take a look at the impressive work Western Dimensional is doing by clicking this link.

Lubecore two photo collage salespersons at tradeshows

Lubecore on Tour

The Lubecore team attending Three Trade Shows in January.

To kick off the new year, Lubecore will be exhibiting at three trade shows in the month of January.

These include:

  1. Landscape Ontario Congress
  2. Canadian Concrete Expo
  3. Manitoba AG Days

Come and meet us, and let us Lubricate your business!

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