Takes a Beating, and Keeps on Greasing

Did your automated greasing system’s reservoir break?  Look no further.  We build our Next Generation Lubrication Systems to combat the toughest terrain.



Easily see your grease levels with our crystal clear grease reservoir.

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WANTED: Test Drivers

WANTED: Test Drivers

As an Automotive Truck Industry manufacturer of Automated Greasing Systems (AGS), we are looking for test drivers to test the limits on our equipment.

We are specifically seeking Ohio based owner-operators with heavy milage trucks and time-sensitive loads, or trucks with special additional equipment attached to the truck (dump-trucks, cement-trucks, mobile cranes, etc.).

Your Task as a Test Driver

Drive and work! Well, that’s what the job is all about, isn’t it?

We will install a complete Lubecore AGS on your equipment (tractor) to grease everything on your truck automatically. All we ask from you is, you guessed it, drive and work with your truck! Give us updates on your experiences with the system. Aside from never needing to grease your truck by hand anymore (in mud, heat, snow…), you’ll share with us your experiences with the Lubecore system and grease we provide for you for one full year. Save yourself a lot of free time and assist us as we look for data in grease consumption and wear on parts.

Interested? Sign up today!

If you think you’re who we’re looking for, and you want to give us a try, please click here to sign up.

If you are a fit, we will contact you to make an appointment for the onsite installation in Ohio and make sure you are all set for your Lubecore AGS test year.

We look forward to having you on our Roadfleet test team.

We Keep Going For You

Lubecore Keeps Going For You – Safely

Dear Lubecore Friend,

We hope you’re well and safe.

At Lubecore, we are all about reliability, and not just in these challenging times. An Automated Greasing System you can count on working under all circumstances is our first and primary focus. Secondly, as a Canadian manufacturer, we develop and produce our systems from the ground up locally so we do not depend on deliveries from overseas. Therefore, you can take comfort that Lubecore will deliver. We keep on going for you – safely.

Our Lubecore systems are designed to prevent downtime. As strange as it may sound, due to the current situation, this could be the perfect time to have your existing Automated Grease System (AGS) serviced or replaced by a new Lubecore system.

We are here to help you use any unintended downtime to get your equipment in shape and ready to catch up with the delayed work whenever the COVID-19 situation has come to a more normalized condition again.

In the newsletter, we explain how we can work for you in the safest possible way.

If you have any questions, please click here and I will respond personally.

Jan Eisses, President of Lubecore International

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Our Lubecore Dealers Make Your Safety A Priority

Our Lubecore dealers and service technicians follow these additional guidelines for working on your equipment:

  • We do not car-pool as we want to keep our technicians safely separated from each other
  • When scheduling we will be requesting a private bay or outdoor space in the yard to work in
  • We will make arrangements with you before our dealers and service technicians go to you about how, when and where they will work on the equipment and how they will communicate if there are exceptions (telephone/WhatsApp)
  • Our technicians will respect social/physical distancing and wear gloves and masks in any situation interacting with you
  • They will take extra care of cleaning, and sanitize all touch/contact points on the equipment before leaving

Good or bad times, at Lubecore, we are still ready to serve and protect your equipment. It’s your company’s second most significant investment (after your associates).

Safety is the priority for your associate. As long as they are safe, this could be the time to let us work on your equipment in the meantime.

Click here If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment.

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Hang in There!

We are always there to answer your questions. We are available online via phone, text, Facetime, E-mail, or any other platform you prefer.

Send us a direct E-mail by Clicking here

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Hard times, doing all we can

Dear business partners,

The global spread of the coronavirus presents us with previously unknown challenges. Lubecore has taken extensive measures to protect the health of our employees in the best possible way and at the same time to ensure your continued support.

Our products are, to a large extent, manufactured in-house, which makes us more independent of suppliers. Our production of systems and parts continues to make sure we can deliver whenever needed. We do our utmost best to implement your installation and perform your service appointments on schedule. Our office and service field staff can be reached as usual by phone and e-mail.

Your local Lubecore dealer is your first point of contact for sales or immediate service. If visits to your site are required, they are still possible by mutual agreement.

Whenever you need us, we will do all we can for you.

Due to the highly dynamic nature of the events, we will continually reassess the situation and inform you of any changes.

Stay healthy, stay Positive.

Jan Eisses, President of Lubecore International

CONEXPO Las Vegas 2020: Gamble With or For Your Equipment’s Protection?

Your Equipment works hard every day, pushed to the limit in many situations. It needs to perform perfectly. There’s no good reason to gamble with the longevity of your equipment by leaving it unprotected.

Hard-working machines need adequate protection, and so do their owners. That’s why our customers love Lubecore Automated Lubrication Systems (ALS’s). Their machines and their investments are well protected, and so is their production capacity by avoiding downtime.

When you visit Booth S64712 at CONEXPO 2020 in Las Vegas, we would love to tell you all about our ALS’s, and… give you a chance to win a Lubecore ALS for one of your machines. Every day at CONEXPO 2020, someone will win a fully installed Lubecore ALS, and it could be you!

We believe the best gift we can give you is protection.

You’re welcome.

Jan Eisses

President of Lubecore International

lubecore automated lubrication system installed close up on heavy equipment

Lubecore’s Innovation Is No Toss-Up

At Lubecore, we value innovation so much that it has become part of our DNA. We pride ourselves on continuously raising the bar in the Automatic Lubrication System industry. Starting with fully modular pumps, then adding top springs, and having self bleeding pumps, we continue to innovate.

And we don’t stop there. Come visit Booth S64712 at CONEXPO 2020, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the ALS, including how it will benefit the lifespan and reliability of all your equipment.

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Big Investments Deserve the Best Protection

When you make significant investments in heavy Equipment, you do so with years of operating experience, and expectations of getting your return on investment out of the machine. There is only a relatively small additional investment required for an Automated Lubrication System to make a big difference in reliability. Making sure all moving parts under pressure are always greased and safe: Lubecore!

We’ll give you a quote for your new Heavy Equipment within minutes when you visit our Booth S64712 at CONEXPO 2020.