Auto greaser with a Dakar truck in the background. Caption reads, "Takes a Beatin' and Keeps on Greasin'."

Get Ready For Dakar 2024!

🏁Its that time of year again! Dakar 2024 is about to begin and we’re excited to announce that Lubecore is once again the Proud Sponsor of Mitchel van den Brink‘s Truck #603 from Team Eurol Rally Sport.

The race, that will start on January 5th, is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Saudi Arabian desert. Known for its demanding terrains and extreme conditions, this competition will undoubtedly put both the drivers and their equipment to the ultimate test.

In such a grueling environment, the reliability and durability of every component become paramount. That’s where Lubecore steps in as a crucial solution. Our cutting-edge lubrication systems play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of essential parts.

As the race unfolds and the trucks navigate through the unforgiving desert landscapes, Lubecore ensures that these critical components remain in mint condition, contributing to the overall performance and longevity of the vehicle.

We extend our best wishes to Mitchel van den Brink and the entire crew for a fantastic and successful experience in the Saudi Arabian desert.

May Truck #603 conquer the challenges ahead, showcasing not only the prowess of the team but also the reliability of Lubecore’s advanced lubrication solutions.

Stay tuned for updates on this thrilling adventure, and let’s cheer for Mitchel van den Brink and Lubecore as they take on the desert’s formidable challenges together!

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