In May 2019, Lubecore purchased an existing Mississauga machine shop operation and moved it to Millgrove, Ontario, in close proximity to our main location in Campbellville. The acquisition included four mechanical screw machines, two CNC lathes and a milling machine. These machines can produce parts very quickly and have expanded Lubecore’s fitting production capabilities significantly.

According to general manager John Smid, “While our main location in Campbellville produces injector parts for our line of 210 super injectors, the new shop allows for the production of slightly bigger parts in the form of auxillary fittings such as barbed fittings for hoses, cubed fittings for vehicle installs and pipe adaptors.”

Following the principles of lean manufacturing, along with some crucial machine upgrading, Lubecore concentrated on the minimization of waste in the setup and operation of the new facility.

By capitalizing on an opportunity to buy production equipment that was already making its parts, Lubecore now manufactures even more parts than the former machine shop was producing.

While Millgrove is a production shop, the characteristics of its CNC machines are much more conducive to running smaller batch jobs. In addition, the Campbellville facility tends to use mostly brass while Millgrove utilizes approximately half brass and half steel and is pushing the limits in terms of the types of materials being cut (e.g. tubes and stainless steel).

Procurement of the new Millgrove shop has dovetailed nicely with Lubecore’s goal to vertically integrate manufacturing for the purposes of real-time quality and product control and better inventory management. Enhanced vertical integration means much less outsourcing and far more parts made in-house.

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