Lubecore Accelerates

Lubecore collage orange heavy equipment automated lubrication system installed

Lubecore Accelerates

Dear Friends of Lubecore,

After years of perfecting our products, building a great team, and starting our in house design and production of parts and systems, we are ready to shift to the next gear and accelerate in this new year of growth.

We will add new dealers in Canada and the USA while restructuring our dealer network and distribution. Making sure everybody knows his task and can give his utmost best in doing so.

While growing, our primary focus will remain the end-user satisfaction. The man or woman operating the equipment with our Lubecore system on it needs to be able to depend on it to work flawlessly under any condition. And, in the unlikely event, it doesn’t work, we, together with our dealers, need to be able to solve it as quickly as possible. We believe in satisfied customers being the best ambassadors for our brand.

A product is only the best on the market if combined with the best possible service. That’s what we are after and will deliver. By doing so, we will accelerate our dealers business, his customer’s business, and finally our own business as a manufacturer.

We will keep you updated on a regular basis through newsletters showing you how we grow and make our dealers and end-users happy with great products and excellent service.

Accelerate with us in this next gear and new year
May 2020 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

-Jan Eisses

Western Dimensional Train rail mover collage

Rail King moves Mountains with Lubecore 

Western Dimensional is a specialized transportation company based in Ontario Canada and made the decision to protect their Rail King mover with a Lubecore progressive lubrication system and now moves “Mountains”! Smart choice, because of smooth operation. Take a look at the impressive work Western Dimensional is doing by clicking this link.

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Lubecore on Tour

The Lubecore team attending Three Trade Shows in January.

To kick off the new year, Lubecore will be exhibiting at three trade shows in the month of January.

These include:

  1. Landscape Ontario Congress
  2. Canadian Concrete Expo
  3. Manitoba AG Days

Come and meet us, and let us Lubricate your business!

Lubecore Attending Three January Trade Shows

To kick off the new year, Lubecore will be exhibiting at three trade shows in the month of January.

If you happen to be attending one of these, be sure to drop by and see us!

Landscape Ontario Congress, Toronto Congress Centre (Jan. 7–9)

Canada’s premier horticulture and green industry trade show and conference, this annual event is aimed Canada’s horticultural and landscape professionals. It is rated as one of North America’s top rated show for the green industry.

Visit us at:

Booth 1970, Aisle 1900

Canadian Concrete Expo (CCE), Toronto’s International Centre (Jan. 22–23)

The Canadian Concrete Expo (CCE) is theonly trade show in Canada dedicated to the needs of the Canadian concrete construction industry.

Lubecore will be showcasing its business solutions at:

Booth 1973

Manitoba Ag Days, Keystone Centre, Brandon, MB (Jan. 21–23)                    

The Manitoba Ag Days show is an exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Canada and the United States.

Drop by and see us at:

Booth 1822, Barn 4

Lubecore Welcomes Two New Staff Members

We are delighted to announce the recent additions of Ali McDonald and Bert Tevel to Lubecore’s expanding team.

Lubecore associate Ali Mcdonald headshot

As our new inside sales support and scheduling specialist, Ali McDonald joins Lubecore with a background in account management, materials and supply chain management and business development. Her years of experience with manufacturing, logistics and project management align perfectly with Lubecore’s need for client interaction in the areas of business development and scheduling.

Ali’s primary focus will be helping expand relationships on several of our most important accounts, scheduling certified service technicians and trade show coordination.

Lubecore associate Bert Tevel headshot

Bert Tevel takes on the role of Lubecore’s distribution network development manager. Bert’s winning track record includes over 15 years of experience as a trainer and consultant working for premium automotive clients throughout Europe as well as other multinational companies within the technology and machinery markets. His credentials and strategic insight dovetail nicely with Lubecore’s goal to grow our distribution network both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Bert’s business savvy and accomplishments make him well suited to raise the bar amongst our distributors in terms of customer orientation and communication, sales and service, and specifically, to build our US dealer network in the coming years. Bert’s focus will be primarily in the US and Canadian markets but worldwide as well.

Ali and Bert are each working diligently in their new roles while planning ahead for 2020.

Welcome aboard Ali and Bert!

Lubecore Growing

For Lubecore, 2019 turned into a year of continued growth. With an expanded presence in Alberta and Ontario and several new hires in our Campbellville headquarters, the company is on track for sustained growth. We are especially pleased to announce the additions of Ali McDonald in the role of inside sales support and scheduling, and Bert Tevel as our distribution network development manager.

To better serve a growing client base in Western Canada, we’ve hired two new certified service technicians (i.e. installers), a new operations manager and a new sales person in Alberta.

We also recently took on three new installers and a new sales person to help service Eastern Ontario, while adding two new sales people and three installers to our Central Ontario contingent.

The road to expansion and enhanced performance involved overcoming several hurdles on the R&D side while increasing our marketing efforts and trade show presence.

We look forward to continued success by being able to better support our customers through expansion, innovation and our best-in-class products and services.

Contact Lubecore to learn how automated lubricating systems can improve the performance and durability of your equipment.

Lubecore to Attend Surface Transportation Summit

Lubecore will be exhibiting and acting as a sponsor at the Surface Transportation Summit on October 16 at the International Centre, in Mississauga.

Canadian shippers and carriers continue to face significant business challenges, especially in the current political and economic climate. This summit is designed to provide thoughtful views and perspectives on the state of surface freight transportation in North America to help drive industry businesses forward.

We look forward to gaining expert insight and learning actionable strategies while discussing hot topics in freight transportation and networking with industry leaders.

If you happen to be attending, be sure to drop by our table in the Orion B section. Hopefully, see you there!

Annual Surface Transportation Summit Tradeshow Mississauga 2020 floor plan

Single Line 210: Why It’s Next-Generation Automation?

When Lubecore president, Jan Eisses, began building the Lubecore line in 2008 he already had 20 years of experience in the automated lubrication business. At that time he recognized the most common service calls for auto-lube systems pertained to:

  • Empty pumps
  • Air in the system
  • Broken lines at the fitting end
  • Timer failure

Jan knew that failure to resolve these issues meant failure to provide customers with automatic greasing, which begged the question: How can we prevent such incidents from happening?

Equipped with expert industry knowledge, Jan incorporated into the new designs the most exceptional features available. These included automatic low-level shut down, self-bleeding pumps and insulated pump mounting and many other advancements.

Now, 11 years later, Lubecore has developed a state-of-the-art solution for our customers in the form of the Pneumatic Single Line 210 system.

Next Generation Features

  • Self-bleeding pumps with positive inlet pressure (PIP) stainless steel top spring
  • Self-bleeding brass super injectors
  • Korilla lining with a “No broken lines guarantee”
  • Better, more flexible nylon for fewer repairs
  • Makrolon® break-proof reservoirs
  • Bullet proof front-mount timer with easy-to-use magnet control
  • Proof of battery power, ignition and ground right at the pump
  • Standard pressure gauge providing insight into your system’s health
  • Bullet proof industry proven solenoid
  • Stainless-steel, leak-proof follower plate with leak-proof red silicon
  • Injectors that reload at 450 PSI vs 0
  • Grease delivery not impacted by air ingress
  • Corrosion-resistant insulated mounting system
  • Heavy duty Deutsch® electrical connections
  • And more…

These significant advantages over other systems make the Pneumatic Single Line 210 part of the cutting edge of next generation auto-lube systems.

Applications include highway tractors, trailers, on-road dump trucks, snow plows, cement trucks, garbage trucks, street sweepers, terminal tractors and stationary industrial equipment.

To learn more, contact Lubecore today.

GVD Meter Takes Guesswork Out of Manual Grease Lubrication

In order to maintain and run an efficient fleet of vehicles, optimal lubrication is a key component. The problem with manual grease lubrication is that no matter how skilled your mechanic is with a grease gun, there will always be a certain amount of guesswork involved. This leads to under- or over-lubrication, both of which are harmful and wasteful.

By equipping you to apply just the right amount of grease, Lubecore’s Grease Volume Delivered (GVD) Meter protects your seals from too much or too little lubrication, meets equipment manufacturer requirements and keeps accurate and up-to-date records.

It’s time to take the guesswork out of manual grease lubrication in order to accurately service your vehicles’ grease-volume requirements.

GVD Meter Benefits

  • Can be used in conjunction with a grease gun
    • Displays accurate measurement of the volume delivered to critical grease points
    • Meets equipment manufacturer lubrication instructions
    • Protects critical bearings and reduces downtime from both over- and under-lubrication
  • Can be used in combination with a progressive divider valve
    • Volume of grease going into a number of grease points is controlled by a progressive divider which regulates the ratio and volume of grease per point.
    • Each grease point receives the correct volume according to design specifications.
    • Total volume of grease required for the group of points is known, and the GVD Meter measures and records the volume delivered to the entire group of grease points.
    • Responsibility for meeting lubrication requirements lies with the machine operator
    • Responsibility to measure and record grease delivered lies with the equipment operator
  • Automatic grease-to-grease point delivery
    • GVD Meter is attached to the progressive divider valve, which is fed by an automatic grease-based lubrication system
    • Pump delivery is set to meet manufacturer’s greasing requirements by an electronic timer
    • Grease is delivered in small portions during operating hours instead of in single, manual applications
    • Amount of grease delivered is measured and recorded
    • Manual override is allowed
    • GVD Meter can be installed in a series in the mainline of an automated lubrication system
    • Equipment running hours are measured

Installing the GVD Meter in your vehicles will reduce component wear and tear, save on maintenance and labour costs and improve fuel efficiency.

For more information, contact Lubecore today.

Lubecore Opens Second Machine Shop in Millgrove

In May 2019, Lubecore purchased an existing Mississauga machine shop operation and moved it to Millgrove, Ontario, in close proximity to our main location in Campbellville. The acquisition included four mechanical screw machines, two CNC lathes and a milling machine. These machines can produce parts very quickly and have expanded Lubecore’s fitting production capabilities significantly.

According to general manager John Smid, “While our main location in Campbellville produces injector parts for our line of 210 super injectors, the new shop allows for the production of slightly bigger parts in the form of auxillary fittings such as barbed fittings for hoses, cubed fittings for vehicle installs and pipe adaptors.”

Following the principles of lean manufacturing, along with some crucial machine upgrading, Lubecore concentrated on the minimization of waste in the setup and operation of the new facility.

By capitalizing on an opportunity to buy production equipment that was already making its parts, Lubecore now manufactures even more parts than the former machine shop was producing.

While Millgrove is a production shop, the characteristics of its CNC machines are much more conducive to running smaller batch jobs. In addition, the Campbellville facility tends to use mostly brass while Millgrove utilizes approximately half brass and half steel and is pushing the limits in terms of the types of materials being cut (e.g. tubes and stainless steel).

Procurement of the new Millgrove shop has dovetailed nicely with Lubecore’s goal to vertically integrate manufacturing for the purposes of real-time quality and product control and better inventory management. Enhanced vertical integration means much less outsourcing and far more parts made in-house.

Contact Lubecore today.